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Lotana's Making Dresses

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Making Dresses

I'm not usually one to admit it but I love dresses. Day to day I don't get to wear all that much girly clothing because I do a lot of things that would just be impractical in a dress, but whenever I get the opportunity I love to girly it up a little and get a dress on. If there's one thing I like even more than wearing dresses it's making them. it's a bit of a secret hobby and nothing I make is ever really going to be fantastic but they're good enough for me to wear and that makes me pretty happy.

I especially like making things that are going to be completely unique, like the dress in the picture. Patchwork is one of my favourite things and while it might look far too bright to actually wear in public it's the kind of thing that I wear all the time. I like making clothes that nobody else would ever go near and wearing them out, there's something about wearing something that's so outrageous it's suddenly fashionable that just makes me smile. I don't even care that much about fashion and I enjoy turning heads. Patchwork is especially fun because it's a challenge, making sure that you get everything lined up just the way you want it, and making sure that you get the colours in the right places so no two squares that are similar are near one another. While it can make your eyes ache after a while once you have a finished garment it's a thing of beauty.

It's not just crazy clothing that I like making either, I have spent a fair few hours making myself 1950's style dresses for various parties and conventions when modern clothing just wouldn't have been an option. These dresses are particularly challenging because they are full of pleats and tucks and darts which are, to be honest, a right pain to work it. It is worth it once you have the garment finished but sometimes I just wish it was a little easier. Working with 50's fabrics can be a pain too, all that mesh and nowhere to put pins, it's enough to make your back ache just thinking about it. I also make a lot of things for my partner, though usually all he wants are PJ pants I have made him a few vests for the gym and other little things. He likes getting something home made from me because he knows I have put a lot of love into it.

When it comes to fashion I am a long way outside of the box but I like being that way. Wearing something fun, to me, is much better than wearing something fashionable and in my opinion I am more fashionable than all of the people who wear the same things because I dare to be unique, and at the end of the day being unique is a lot more interesting!


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