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Hank's Australian rhyming slang

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australian rhyming slang

Some of these Australian rhyming slang expressions have origins in England. Most have Australian origins. If you know other Australian rhyming slang expressions please send them.

Adrians (Adrian Quist) = pissed (drunk) (Adrian Quist 1913-91, Australian tennis champion of 1936, 1940 and 1948, and prolific doubles winner - including ten consecutive Australian championships with partners Jack Crawford and Don Turnbull, 1936-40 and 1946-50, either side of the 2nd World War. In all Quist won 17 majors including doubles at Wimbledon, US, French and Australian.)

After darks = sharks

Al Capone = phone

Almond rocks = socks

Annalise (Annalise Braakensiek, Australian glamour model, pronounced Brak-en-sak) = 'crack, back and sac' (hair removal from intimate male body parts by waxing)

Asteroids = haemorroids (piles)

Babbler (babbling brook) = cook

Bat and ball = stall (a car)

Bag of fruit = suit

Barney (Barney Rubble, the Flintstones character) = trouble

Bib 'n' bub = pub

Billy lids = kids

Billygoat = tote

Blood and blister = sister

Blundstone (Blundstone Boot is a workman's boot) = ute (Australian and NZ abbreviation of a workman's 'ultility vehicle' - either a sedan/saloon car comprising cab and flat-bed or tray back, or a more rugged US-style 'pick-up' small truck.)

Bob Hope = soap/dope (marijuana)

Bowl of fruit = suit

Brace and bit = shit, or arguably more commonly tit (breast)

Brittos/Britneys (Britney Spears) = beers

Bulli pass = arse (Bulli is pronounced Bull-eye)

Butchers (butchers hook) = crook/look (Larry Hall, Oct 2007 says: "...Butcher's hook in Australian rhyming slang means only crook (in turn meaning sick, off-colour, hung-over), as in for example, '...Struth I'm butchers, I'm as crook as Rookwood...' - Rockwood being the oldest and major Sydney cemetery. Butcher's hook is never used for 'look' as it is in Cockney slang; Captain Cook is used for 'look'...")

Captain Cook = look

Cat's hiss = piss

Charlie (Charlie Wheeler) = woman (sheila)

Comic-cuts = guts

Country cousin = dozen

Dad 'n' Dave = shave

Daptoes (Dapto Dogs) = wogs (offensive racist term - Dapto is a Dog track in NSW - the following additional information is provided by Larry Hall, October 2007: "...I was raised in Dapto; a town notable only for its greyhound race-track. The weekly event was known simply as the Dapto dogs. The derogatory term 'Dapto dogs' was used only as a slang euphemism for 'wogs' meaning Mediterraneans, not for blacks. Also 'chockoes' = chocolate frogs. MacRobertson’s chocolates made a small chocolate frog for kids named 'Freddo' so freddo-frogs, or freddoes for short, also became a derogatory term in the post-war immigration period for Italians, Greeks, Yugoslavs, etc...")

David Gower = shower (as in a bathroom or changing-room shower - David Gower, English cricketer and great batsman, played many times against Australia. Many will remember him also for notoriously 'buzzing' the field of play flying a Tiger/Gypsy Moth biplane while his team-mates batted against a Queensland side towards the end of England's 1990-91 tour.)

Dead horse = (tomato) sauce

Dickory dock = clock

Dog and bone = phone

Dog's eye = pie

Dry rots = trots (diarrhea)

Ducks and drakes = shakes

Ducks and geese = police

Eau de cologne = phone

Fiddly-dids = quids

Gay and hearty = party

Germaine Greer = ear

German band = hand (particularly used in plural: 'Germans' for hands - this slang originated in England, among some others in this list)

Gin sling = ring (eg., phone ring)

Ginger Meggs = legs

Goose's neck = cheque

Gregory Peck = cheque/neck

Grey-nurse = purse (a grey-nurse is a type of shark)

Ham and eggs = legs

Hammer (hammer and tack) = back

Hard hit = shit

Harold (Harold Holt, Australian Prime Minister who disappeared while swimming) = bolt (run away)

Hey-diddle-diddle = middle; piddle

Hoffman brick = dick (penis)

Horse and cart = fart

Horse's hoof = poof (offensive term for a male homosexual)

I suppose = nose

Jam tart = heart

Jack and Jill = bill (restaurant bill)/pill (contraceptive)

Jatz crackers = knackers (testicles - the wife of a hen-pecked husband is said to have his jatz crackers in her grey-nurse (meaning purse - grey-nurse is a type of shark)

Jimmy Britts = shits

Jimmy Dancer = cancer

Joe Blake(s)/Joey Blake(s) = snake/shake(s)

Joe Hunt = (unmentionable)

Johnny Bliss = piss

Johnny Horner = corner

John Hopper = copper (policeman)

Lemon squash = wash

Lionel Rose = nose (Lionel Rose was Australia's first Aboriginal world champion boxer. He became Bantamweight champion in 1968.)

Loop-the-loop = soup

Mal Meningas = fingers ( Mal Meninga was a prominent rugby league footballer in the 1980s and 90s.)

Mallee root = prostitute

Metric miles = piles (haemhorroids)

Mickey Fritt = shit

Mickey Mouse = grouse

Mollo/molly the monk = drunk

Moreton Bay fig = wig (Moreton Bay is the large bay near Brisbane. It was originally Morton's Bay, named by Captain Cook in 1770 after James Douglas, Earl of Morton, the Past-President of the Royal Society, but the spelling changed by about the 1880s. Ack TW)

Mort's dock = cock (penis - Mort's dock was a shipping berth in Sydney harbour for loading export wool from the major wool dealers Elders, Smith, Goldsborough, Mort Ltd., ack Larry Hall.)

(on the) Murray Cod = (on the) nod (on credit)

Mystery bags = snags (sausages)

Nanny-goat = tote

Near and far = bar

Ned Kelly - belly

Niagaras (Niagara Falls) = balls (testicles)

Noah's Ark = shark

Now is the hour = shower

Oliver Twist = pissed

Onka (Onkaparinga) = finger (thus Onkaparingas = fingers - Onkaparinga is the brand name of a high quality Australian wool blanket, ack L Hall.)

Optic nerve = perve (pervert)/look (have a look)

Oxford scholar = dollar

Pat Malone = alone (on my own/on your own)

Piccadily = chilly

Pig's ear = beer

Pot of good cheer = beer

Red hot = pot (of beer)

Red hots = trots (horse-racing)/(diarrhea)

Reginalds (Reg Grundies) = undies (underwear)

Rhodes scholar = dollar

Rifle range = change

Rodney Hogg = Bog (toilet or related verb meaning - Rodney Hogg was an Australian fast bowler who played in tests 1978-85.)

Rubbity-dub = pub

Sandy McNab = cab

Saint Louis Blues = shoes

Seppo/Septic tank = yank

Snake's hiss = piss

Soldiers bold = cold

Spanish dancer = cancer

Steak and kidney = Sydney

Sticky beak = peek

Stiff shitty = city

Stock and die = pie, or arguably more commonly tie (neck tie)

This and that = hat

Tin tank = yank

To and from = pom

Tom Tits = shits (diarrhoea)

Trams and trains = brains/drains

Tray bits = shits (diarrhoea - in pre-decimal currency days a tray bit or trizza, trizzy was a three-penny coin - see the slang money page glossary of slang money words)

Trizzy bits = shits (diarrhoea - see tray bits - a trizzy bit was slang for a threepennny coin)

Wally (Wally Grout, Australian wicket-keeper) = shout (turn to pay, normally to buy a round of drinks)

Warwicks (Warwick Farm) = arms (arm)

Williamstown piers = ears

Woolly woofta = (offensive term for a homosexual)

You beaut = ute (utility vehicle - predates Blundstone by 50 years, ack Larry Hall)

Young and old = cold

Zubrick = prick (penis - possibly related to Arabic? If you know please contact us.)

(Ack P Hosford, K Mitchell, C Scott, S Yates, T Webster, R Harland, J Brown, J Cox, and particularly thanks to Larry Hall for his many contributions and several helpful corrections)




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