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Hank's Vibrofusion - An Alternative to Pharmaceutical Medication

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A tremendous amount of research into ‘bioenergies’ has been carried out in the last thirty years. Bioenergy relates to the various energies in the body. The Chinese, for example, have been using so-called energy channels, or meridians, for several thousand years. Chakras, energy centres in the body, were mentioned in ancient Indian and Mayan scriptures thousands of years ago.

            The concept of unseen energies in the body is, therefore, nothing new. But we live in the 21st Century, and this concept has to be such that it can correlate with our understanding of scientific explanation.

            The sad truth is, it is easier to talk to a physicist about bioenergies than it is to talk to a medical doctor about the same subject. The latter, while claiming to be ‘scientific’ has, in fact, been brainwashed into believing that only orthodox medicine has any validity – although individual doctors might not follow the prescribed course. The physicist, on the other hand, has the ‘open mind’ that is ready to examine and test new concepts as they come along.

            Homeopathy, as developed by Samuel Hahnemann, more than 200 years ago, was excellent for its time. As was acupuncture, practised for thousands of years.

            Today, we live in a different world. We live in a world in which man has created technologies that never existed at the time of Hahnemann and those earlier acupuncturists. Energies that were speculated about in those earlier days have now been confirmed using these new technologies and highly sensitive equipment.

In Oriental Medicine they teach about Perverse Energies – wind, heat, cold, dryness and humidity – all of which can affect the body and the joints. Now, we have a whole new set of perverse energies that were never encountered before: microwave, long wave radio, short wave radio, overhead power lines, mobile telephones that we hold next to the brain. We have a whole range of radioactive factors that didn’t exist in the days of Hahnemann. These only came into scientific awareness in the second half of the 20th Century.

            They did a big survey in New York City in 1977 and they found that if you lived within 600 feet of high tension electric cables, or 600 feet from TV and radio transmitters and relay stations, you had double the risk of cancer and triple the risk of leukaemia.

            Another survey carried out in Germany found that many people no longer responded to homeopathy – they had too many toxins in their body and they couldn’t respond until those toxins were cleared from the body. We live in a toxic sewer. We have dramatic levels of toxicity. Thousands of chemicals have been put into our natural environment and our food and it has upset the metabolic balance.

            Our old style biology that was just based on chemistry doesn’t fit any more. It was that ‘chemistry is all-important’ idea that allowed anybody to go out and develop synthetic chemicals that generate a whole new set of problems that chemistry can’t reliably predict or even explain.

            So we have to recognise that as well as we need a new type of biology, we also need a new type of medicine. Over the last three decades, that’s exactly what I’ve been developing. Other people, in other continents, have also been working on a similar principle, independently. Yet many of us have reached the same or similar conclusions.

            We live in a world in which everything vibrates at a certain frequency and everything emanates from a certain wavelength. That’s the way stringed instruments work – they vibrate at a certain wavelength according to the length of the string. If you change the length of the string it produces a different sound, or note. The musician controls the length of the string by pressing on the frets, which determines how much of the string is allowed to vibrate, and a musical note is produced accordingly.

            Our bodies are also musical instruments, in the loosest sense, and vibrate at certain rates. Each part of the body vibrates at a different rate from all other parts. If this is so, and I think we all recognise that it is, then it follows that we can make changes by somehow influencing the vibrational rates. If we can determine what the vibrational rates are for all these different organs, we would know what their norm is. Norm, in this sense, meaning good health. And if we can find a way of measuring whether any particular body part has deviated from the norm – i.e. the vibrational rate has changed, giving either a higher or lower rate – then we are able to determine the health of that body part.

            There are two things about this. First, we are in the early stages of developing the means whereby this kind of testing can be done. Using different kinds of muscle testing, this has been done for the last fifty years. In addition, some types of electronic testing equipment have been in use for the last thirty-plus years also. Unfortunately, the equipment in question is not sophisticated enough to satisfy orthodox science.

 Personally, I haven’t been doing all my research and clinical work just to satisfy a bunch of doctors who don’t really want to know. The only people I have to satisfy are my patients. As a matter of interest, though, a colleague of mine, Dr Rodney Adeniye-Jones, carried out some work at Glasgow University with considerable success. Up there, they have some super-sophisticated, super-powerful testing equipment by which they can measure infinitesimal changes in muscles as testing is carried out. So maybe soon we’ll be able to satisfy even the most sceptical critics.

            The second thing is treatment. A lot of practitioners have been carrying out various treatments for decades, even centuries, without having a scientific explanation of how and why it works. All they know is that it does work. Now, with the development of new, more sensitive equipment, and clinically-recorded casework, we are able to explain why many of these treatments work.

            We all know, or think we know, what energy is. It can, in fact, have many meanings. It can be the heat from the central heating system, the horsepower that drives a car, the light that comes on when we flick a switch, and so on. When it comes to wave energy we are likely to think in terms of an ocean wave, which is a mechanical action. The sounds we hear all derive from mechanical vibrations in our eardrums, which in turn are interpreted by a part of our brain – Broca’s centre.

            Electromagnetic radiation is the flow of electrical and magnetic forces in the form of waves called electromagnetic waves. They are produced when an electric charge sets off waves of electric and magnetic energy which radiate through space at the speed of light, approximately 186,000 miles per second. When electromagnetic waves radiate outwards, electrical and magnetic lines of force are set up that oscillate back and forth. Electromagnetic waves consist of two fields, electrical and magnetic, vibrating at right angles to each other.

            Electromagnetic waves can travel through a vacuum and do not require a substance such as air or water. We are all familiar with some of these forms of radiation energy: light energy which we see with our eyes (we don’t actually see, we collect waves of certain frequencies which are then interpreted by a part of the brain, giving us the sensation of seeing), infrared energy, which we can perceive as heat, and radio wave energy, which carries signals through space and are collected and interpreted by a radio or TV set.

            We have classified these electromagnetic waves according to how we can measure their length – like the musical strings I mentioned earlier. The very shortest waves being gamma and cosmic waves, and some of the longest being sound waves. At the upper length of the spectrum we can measure the length of waves in nanometres, a nanometre being one billionth of a metre. Radio waves, by contrast, can be several kilometres in length.

The whole picture, from the shortest to the longest wavelength is called the electromagnetic spectrum. And of the whole electromagnetic spectrum, only 1% is visible to the human eye. We can see only between the red and the violet. If the wavelength is shorter than violet, we call it ultra-violet. And if the wavelength is longer than red, we call it infra-red. And the human eye can’t see either. There are seven prime colours and several varying shades in the visible spectrum.

So what I am saying to you is that everything in this hall is somewhere between red and violet. Otherwise you wouldn’t see it. But the implication of what I am saying is that there are a lot of things in this hall that are outside the visible spectrum. The fact that you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they’re not there. Remember, we can only see 1 per cent of what exists.

To give you an example, there is sound in here that you can’t hear. But if I turned on a radio, those sound waves would be amplified to the point at which you could hear them. Similarly, there are millions of images that you can’t see. But if I turned on a TV set, those images would be brought within our range of sight. And you can pick up several channels on a TV receiver because the television transmitter is transmitting on a particular frequency that is shorter than the radio frequencies present.

In fact, they occupy exactly the same space. How is that possible, I hear you asking? Doesn’t the Law of Relativity state that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time? Well, it is possible because two things of different wavelength can occupy the same space at the same time without interfering with each other. And I’m going to tell you how this is possible in a moment, so listen carefully.

The human body is a multi-dimensional being. The outer skin, which is all we really see of a person, is only one of our dimensions. If you cut through the skin, you reveal another dimension. The day will come, fairly soon because advances in knowledge are accelerating at a frightening speed, when a health practitioner will need to be able to tune into some of these other dimensions.

To analogise again, do we have anyone here who can play a piano? [Several hands go up.] Great, so you, at least, will know what I’m going to be saying. On the octave of a piano, you have 7 major notes and 5 minor notes. The eighth note is a higher octave of the first note. For example, high C is an octave higher than middle C, and middle C is an octave higher than lower C. Middle C vibrates at 256 cycles a second and high C vibrates at exactly double that, 512 cycles a second. Going down the scale below middle C, you come to lower C which vibrates at half the vibratory rate, 128 cycles per second.

Now the multi-dimensional body that we occupy is very similar to that. The difference between one body and another body – all within the same multi-dimensional body, you understand – is octaves. And these octaves are connected to each other. Like middle C can have an effect on both higher C or lower C, but it will have no effect on A, because A vibrates at 440 cycles per second. So if you can think of the human body being made up of different octaves, we can give names to these octaves (different schools of thought will have different names):

Physical body

Etheric body

Astral  body

Mental body

are some examples. And these bodies occupy the same space as the physical body because they’re on different wavelengths and thus don’t interfere with each other.

            Just to exemplify this further, let me use the analogy of throwing a pebble into a serenely calm pool of water. Initially it will create a concentric ring moving out from its epicentre. It consists of two parts, the part you can see rippling outwards and another, hidden part that travels beneath the surface, rather like a tsunami. If you then throw a second pebble into the water, another concentric ring is created. Because they are now travelling at a different speed the point will be reached where the two rings interact – because the second ring is travelling faster than the first ring. At this point the two crests will combine to add their heights together. The same holds true for the hidden troughs, which will add to each other to form one23.

            This same principle holds true with sound waves, which can add and subtract to and from each other forming complex electromagnetic configurations.

Professor Luc Montagnier, M.D., President of the World Foundation  for AIDS  Research  and Prevention (Paris, 2008) said, about the sensitive bioelectrical system in humans, ‘There are many ways by which infectious agents can persist in their host, despite an adequate immune system response of the latter and the medical use of strong inhibitors of their replication. Retroviruses have evolved to find the best solution in order to persist silent in the host cell by integrating their DNA into the cell DNA. But bacteria have also learned how to stay almost indefinitely in tissues or organs in a resting state, insensitive to antibiotics and poorly exposed to immune reactions. It is also a general property of pathogenic micro-organisms to adapt their genome very rapidly to any targeted reaction against them, eithr endogenous (immune response) or exogenous (treatment). I will describe some new phenomena occurring in bacteria and viruses which may contribute to the chronicity of many diseases and to the difficulties of eradicating their infectious origin.

            ‘The first of which can be best defined as genetic dispersion. When a mycoplasma suspension is filtered through filters of 100 and 20 nM, which are pore sizes much lower than the average size of these organisms (300 nM), the filtrate is apparently sterile when it is cultured in synthetic medium or analysed by DNA PCR and nested DNA PCR. However, when the filtrated with human T lymphocytes (previously checked for lack of infection by the mycoplasma), we detect again the resurgence of the mycoplasma with all its characteristics after 2 or 3 weeks of culture, even when the filtrate is diluted down to 10-6.

‘Our current interpretation is that nanostructures existing in the filtrate each contain a piece of genetic information which can eventually reconstitute a whole infectious genome with the help of eukaryotic cells. This led us to explore the nature of such nanostructures and to discover another puzzling phenomenon: it is the generation of electromagnetic wave of low frequency – 1000 to 5000 Hertz – by the filtrates of some bacterial species and viruses in appropriate aqueous dilutions. It is in fact a resonance emission subsequent to excitation by very low frequencies coming from the electromagnetic background.

            ‘Classical pathogenic bacteria such as E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Clostridium, etc.  as well as mycoplasma and viruses like HIV, are sources of the structures emitting the signals. These signals are approximately all similar , although a more refined analysis may find species-specific differences. The plasma of individuals chronically infected by the same agents also yield similar signals. The nature and significance for pathogenesis of the molecules involved needs to be discussed.’

            Propensi, they can be stored inside the genetic code of cells, which is at the molecular level, though these are more likely to be inherited propensi. It appears that increasingly, acquired propensi are working their way through the biomagnetic fields that surround the physical body as those fields weaken and vitality begins to decline. The pathway between the subtle energies and physical body has been termed the ethereal fluidium and this enables information to enter the physical body, usually in the form of an acute or infectious disease. Inherited propensi are more likely to take the form of a chronic condition of the physical body.

            I’ve had the added advantage of being a clinical practitioner and was able to test remedies on patients with problems. And I can promise you this: if they had not had spectacular success I would not have wasted my time. I would have explored other possibilities.

            So what kind of medicine is this 21st Century type? Put simply, it is based on the established scientific fact that all matter in the universe vibrates, plus an understanding of the Laws of Thermodynamics. It is this vibration that holds atoms together. It is the fact that atoms belonging to different matter vibrate at different speeds.  Even cell tissue has different vibratory rates. The cells of a kidney vibrate at a different speed to the heart cells. Normal cells vibrate at a different speed to diseased cells. And so on.

            But first, let’s revisit the Laws of Thermodynamics, so that we all start off from the same point.

0                    Zeroeth Law: There is a factor known as temperature, and it can be measured.

1                    First Law: Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Kinetic Energy + Potential Energy = Total Energy

2                    Second Law: Heat tends to pass from a hot body to a cold body in a process of entropy:

dS = deS + di  and diS  0

S  0

3                    Third Law: Entropy can be reduced in a closed system through reduction in heat.

EntropyA (T, P) + EntropyB (T, P) > as T > 0

4                    Fourth Law: (Osager’s Reciprocity Theorem) That entropy can be resisted in an open situation by boundary interaction, micro-steps and symmetry.

LIj = LjI (I, j = 1, 2, … N)

Ji                                     Jj

                =     —        

Xj              Xk = j               Xi     Xk  =  i


This works on microscopic reversibility, fluctuation theory, and regression of fluctuation.

            When a non-living thing is placed within uniform surroundings, the system will gradually attain a stability in thermodynamic ways which will then be equalled out. All of the permissible chemical reactions will proceed, and finally reach a point of adiabatic stability at which the internal energy will be balanced. All of the different systems will come to a stable, observable end, and thus a maximum entropy is achieved. This maximum entropy can also be seen as a maximum disorder in the system, which has now gone to an adiabatic stability, not a turbulent flux, as with fractals.

            In quantic systems something of a different nature happens, where systems will yield to quantum dynamics, and not follow the dynamics of an isolated system, but will have that of an open thermodynamic system s proposed by Bertalanffy1. A variation of Onsager’s theorem might allow for such a system.

In the living cell the transition states do not proceed towards disorder, but proceed towards order. Each of these different fluctuations of the external environment are reacted upon and dealt with by the organism, which leads into a steady state of equilibrium, and proceeds against entropy. Bertalanffy said that if the system could be treated as an open system of thermodynamics, he could explain some of these phenomena. It is within the system of VibroFusion that the open system of dynamics can be applied to intracellular, or interstitial, fluids between the cells of the human body.

But within the system we have to proceed to even a greater system of control than that proposed by Bertalanffy’s open system. Here we need to move to a system of quantic understanding of intercellular phenomena. The system will have to produce a negative entropy in other words, as Schrödinger2 pointed out, the system will have to resist entropy, not in a passive process, but with n active resistance to the entropy in a neg-entropic way.

It must be  pointed out that the external environment around a cell will still have its high and low parameters that will determine what the healthy range is that it can live in. There are certain pHs that cells cannot tolerate; certain temperatures, either in the low or high range, that the cell cannot tolerate, and many other values that can impose destruction on the cell. This sets up the torus by our fractal dynamics of what the range is of activity is that the cell can live in. Within this torus of destruction of high and low there is also a central torus, where the cell is most optimum in its ability to find health and cellular stability. The cellular stability will allow for ease of flow in metabolism and reproduction.

To quote from Erwin Schrödinger, ‘Since negative entropy may be considered a measure of order, it is legitimate to say that an organism maintains a steady state by continually extracting order from its surroundings. In the case of human beings and higher animals, it is clear how this process is realised. Food stuff consisting of highly organised, entropy-poor organic molecules are taken in by the body. Their energy is partially utilised, and finally returned to the environment in a highly disorganised, or entropy-rich, form. Organisms, thus, will feed on negative entropy, rather than on energy.’

So, in this Schrödinger theory, the essential purpose of eating, drinking and breathing is not to provide energy for the functions, but perhaps to rid the system of the entropy it cannot avoid producing while alive.

Here we can see the need for not using synthetic compounds in our foods, as these compounds by definition are entropic. The  move towards natural foods and entities will receive a real boost from this quantic type of understanding. We must argue with Schrödinger in th fact that we do need to eat, at least in some ranges, for energy. A minimum amount of energy must be attained to enable any energetic activity.

Our system must be cyclic in order for it to be of any use. In fact Henri Poincaré, in 1890, postulated a Theorem of Periodicity, which simply says that and finite isolated mechanical system must be very nearly periodic for it to be precise. Poincaré talked about the recurrence time of the Poincaré cycle3, which in some values would be extremely long and in others extremely short.

File:Limit cycle Poincare map.svg

This describes a lot of the periodicity observations that we see in biology, such as cyclic reproduction, pituitary/pineal performance, the reaction of circadian rhythm, and even reactivity to the change of the seasons of the year. There are several other periodicities, which might even be expressed in longer periods. The army ants of South America band together and attack once every twelve years, locusts group and swarm every seven years, etc. There are an infinite number of micro period that cycle and recycle information, energy and matter. All things are in cycles, all things are in a state of flux, and all things are ultimately vibration.

            Once the principle was established, the task then was to determine the exact vibratory rate of all the parts of the human body, including the genes and the genomes. This task was made easier, and much confidence gained, by the fact that many of these respected researchers – like Dr Ruth Drown, Dr Albert Abram, Dr David Tansley, George de la Warr and many others – all working completely independently of each other – found the same vibratory rates for the same factors. Everything was based on harmonic resonancy.

            Although I retired from clinical practice at the end of 1999, my work on this has, in fact, been intensified since I am able to spend more time working on it. In the mid 1990s, I used the term VibroFusion to identify my research and product range.


The products of VibroFusion are a genuine step into the 21st century.

In the last twenty years, VibroFusion has undergone radical changes as new scientific information has become available. It was known that each atom – in all forms of matter, human or otherwise – has a seed particle that sets the vibratory pattern of that atom. All the atoms in any organ or tissue vibrate at the same rate – known as the harmonic rhythm or harmonic signature of that organ, etc. – but at a different rate from other organs and tissue. It is that vibratory rate which differentiates organs and tissues from one another.

            Until now, it is thought that it is the chemistry that gives life to the cell.

            If we look at the molecular level of a cell we find it’s not alive because of the chemistry. If you radiate the cell so that you kill the cell completely, the chemistry is still there. So it’s not the chemistry.

            But there’s an electrical potential across the cell, a 90 millivolts potential, across the membrane of the cell, and as soon as that cell dies the 90 mv potential goes away. There’s an electrical capacity, an energetic capacity, a photonic or photon capacity that gives life to that cell. In VibroFusion terminology, it is the photonub that is the source of all life in a cell. As we can find the harmonic rhythm of any cell in the body, we can mathematically determine the disrhythms that bring illness or abnormality and we can also mathematically determine the remedy.

            So our old-style biology that was just biochemistry doesn’t fit any more. We have to realise that we need a new type of medicine, a new type of biology, and a new approach to the treatment of patients and illness and disease. VibroFusion is in the process of being predicated as an Energetic Biology.

            The problem, therefore, has become that of trying to measure and thereby determine the different harmonic rhythms of all the various parts that make up the human body. Many have been discovered, others are still to be discovered. Many scientists in different countries have been working on this for several decades now, mostly independent of each other. It is only with the recent development of exceptionally sensitive equipment that we have been able to speed up the quest for this information. VibroFusion has been in the forefront of this exploration for more than three decades now.

            Discovering the harmonic rhythms is only a part of the process, however. Putting it into practice so that it can be of potential benefit to people is an even greater part of the equation. It was in the dual capacity of discoverer and clinician that I was able to bring these two parts together.

            Out of this grew a new form of Alternative Medicine. Now we were able to target virtually any part of the human body and give it instructions.

Let’s take a specific example: several years ago, a young boy aged 12, was taken to see me in Lisbon, where I was living and had established a working clinic. The two main bones in his right arm, the radius and the ulna, were growing at a different rate. The radius was growing faster than the ulna. Consequently, he had been going twice a year to the hospital – from the age of 8 – to have the radius bone surgically shortened. Because the harmonic rhythms of those bones were known, I was able to programme a remedy that slowed down the growth of the radius bone – without affecting the growth rate of the ulna, or any other bones or tissue. From the moment that he began taking the remedy to the present day, he has never had to have any further surgery on that bone. A total of six operation-free, pain-free years. And his arm looks perfectly normal – apart from a few surgical scars.

            I could give countless examples in which, by being able to target a specific part of the body – sometimes even a small duct – I was able to remedy a condition that would otherwise be regarded as untreatable. So, the value of clinical application brought about not only a different kind of remedy but also a new kind of treatment to the realm of alternative or complementary medicine.

                        What about animal experimentation? What about double-blind testing? What about the placebo effect? Well, those are orthodox methods that we don’t necessarily agree with. Rather than skirt these issues, which are important to many people, I’ll briefly give some reasons why we don’t agree with them. We don’t necessarily ask you to agree with us, but we think it only right that you should be aware that we do have valid reasons. Nor do I want to spend time and space reviewing orthodox methods, except to say that perhaps we have new light to add to them


Animal Testing

The first question to be asked is, if we are to use an animal as an experimental model for a human, which animal? There are millions of animals to choose from. Even allowing for the fact that there may be many similarities (animals, like humans, possess a head, trunk, limbs, heart, digestive and nervous system, etc.) the differences, in fact, are far greater than the similarities.

            The DNA  molecules of animals are different from humans. The length of the chain of their double helix, the number and arrangement of the nucleotides, differ even between different species of animal, yet alone between animals and humans.

            We can give some examples of the differences in practical terms:

l          Penicillin will kill a guinea pig but not a human. (It has an indirect affect on the guinea pig by changing its intestinal flora.) Even Sir Howard Florey, joint Nobel Prize winner with Fleming and Chain for the discovery of penicillin, said: “It was by good luck that in the initial toxicity tests we used mice, because if we had used guinea-pigs – which were not available at the time – we would have concluded that penicillin is toxic.”

l          Arsenic can be consumed in large quantities by sheep.

l          Antimony, a metal, will kill people but is added to pig feed to help fatten them.

l          100 milligrams scopolamine can be given to cats and dogs. Only 5 milligrams is needed to kill a human.

l          Amyl nitrate raises internal eye pressure to a dangerous level in dogs. The same amount would reduce the eye pressure in humans.

l          Methyl alcohol can cause blindness in humans, but does not cause eye damage to the most commonly used laboratory animals.

l          Strychnine, another poison that cannot be tolerated by humans, is harmless to guinea pigs, chickens, and even monkeys.

l          Hemlock, also poisonous to humans, is thoroughly enjoyed by mice, sheep, horses and goats.

l          Cortisone causes malformations in mice and rabbits.

l          Digitalis, used to reduce blood pressure in humans, actually raises blood pressure in dogs and some other animals.

l          Chlorpromazine damages human liver, but not the liver of most laboratory animals.

l          Atropine is poisonous to humans but not to rats, pigeons, or goats.


I could give hundreds more examples, but these should suffice.

Another point is that animals tested on drugs are initially healthy, whereas the medicines are given to a sick person. The sickness itself would modify the metabolism of the drug. Any congenital dismetabolism would render a normally harmless substance into a toxic one. These conditions do not exist in the experimental animal. Furthermore, the vast majority of human diseases do not afflict any of the laboratory animals.

So how is it then possible to demonstrate the efficacy of a drug intended for a particular human illness?

Look at these illness:

l          Smallpox virus does not affect any known animal

l          Yellow fever virus does not affect any known animal

l          Mycobacterium leprae only affects humans and the armadillo – hardly the most common lab animal!

l          Treponema pallidum causes syphilis in humans but not in any other animal.

Clearly, the animals used for experimentation differ so widely that the concept that what is safe for them is also safe for humans is not a safe concept. The simple fact is that animals metabolise in a different way to humans. Is it necessary to be a Nobel Prize scientist to understand this simple fact?


Double Blind Testing

            The other, equally unsafe, concept is that all humans are the same. In fact, no two humans are the same. Not even identical twins, despite the many similarities, are the same. The possible variations between any two people could be numbered in many billions. This simple fact is what enables DNA testing to be valid.

            But the vivisectionist or the animal laboratory ‘scientist’ does not want to know about differences between people, any more than they want to know about the differences between species. In the year 2000, the Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA, reported that adverse drug effects may be the fourth leading cause of death in hospitalised patients, killing 100,000 people a year.

            The question is, is this figure in spite of or because of the double-blind, placebo-controlled test – considered to be the gold standard for testing new medications? The object of this testing is to ensure that neither doctor/researcher nor subjects know who is getting the medication or who is getting the placebo.

            One of the problems with this test depends on the nature of the drug being tested. Many such drugs will give side effects, whereas the placebos give no side effects. Research indicates that 90% of the subjects receiving the drug and 60% of those receiving placebo may accurately guess which they are taking. This effectively removes the double-blind and dramatically inflates the apparent benefit of the medication.

            Dr Herbert Gundersheimer said5, “There can be no such thing as absolute safety with prescription medicines. Individual patients sometimes react differently to the same dose of the same medicine and it is possible that some unwanted side effects will not be known until a medicine has been widely prescribed for a number of years … Results from animal tests are not transferable between species and therefore cannot guarantee product safety for humans … In reality these tests do not provide protection for consumers from unsafe products, but rather are used to protect corporations from legal liability.” (emphasis added)


The Placebo Effect

One of the scornful charges made against many Complementary forms of medicine is that they do not, in themselves, work; the only reason they appear to improve a condition is due to the placebo effect. In other words, because a patient thinks it is going to work, it somehow brings about an improvement. Mind over matter. Yet the same doctors don’t seem to mind placebos when they are given by orthodox doctors, although it is contrary to the Hippocratic Oath and is regarded within medical orthodoxy as a deception on the patient. When a doctor tells a patient that he/she will feel better after taking a pill, the act of saying that is a placebo. Apart from the double standard here, it ignores the question of what exactly is a placebo? After all, if a placebo works in many cases, as it obviously does, then shouldn’t we paying a little more attention to a placebo instead of just dismissing it as being ‘all in the patient’s mind’?

            A placebo works, at an unconscious level, by mobilising whatever natural forces within the body are necessary to bring an improvement. It might be stimulating the growth of monoclonal antibodies to fight off cancer cells, lymphocytes to attack an invading virus, phagocytes to devour destructive bacteria, or stimulating organs and glands to rebuild new tissue … or any of thousands of ways in which the body heals itself. The important phrase is the body healing itself. It does this, in the main, from the moment of birth – or even before that, if we want to be precise. And it will continue to do this throughout a person’s lifetime. If accidents occur, it might need outside intervention – like the surgeon resetting a broken bone, then immobilising it to allow its natural healing processes to take place. In older days, a poultice might be used to reduce inflammation. In more recent times, the poultice would likely be replaced by an anti-inflammatory.

            Sometimes, the healing forces within the body need stimulating. If taking a pill somehow mobilises the unconscious mind to stimulate those forces, then what is wrong with that? The purpose of any kind of intervention is to bring a speedy recovery for the patient. It is worth remembering that it has been calculated, over many decades of medical assessment, that about 70% of all health issues resolve themselves through the body’s natural healing powers. If VibroFusion doesn’t work in the way in which I believe it works, but nevertheless helps stimulate the body to heal itself, then I will gladly settle for that. Naturally, I don’t accept that this is the case because the same VF treatments have been given to numerous different patients in different regions with the same levels of success, but it would be stretching coincidence too far to think they were all merely the result of a placebo effect.

            To give an example, a pharmacy in Setúbal, Portugal, has been giving a VF treatment called Flucosor – for colds and influenza – with such remarkable effect that almost nobody in Setúbal get either cold or flu any more. And these treatments have been given for more than twelve years. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I could give numerous examples of VF products being given to animals – often mixed in with their food – which were in a critical condition. Their speedy recovery can hardly be attributed to the placebo effect because they didn’t know they were being treated. Similarly with babies and very small children. I had a relatively recent baby patient – in Lisbon – who was born with a heart defect which would require immediate life-saving surgery, the mother was told by the obstetrician. Instead, she chose the VF route because of previous satisfaction. The diagnosis had been medically established: a malformed tricuspid valve. Since we already knew the harmonic signature of the tricuspid (which is the same in all people, regardless of age or gender), we were able to produce a remedy in liquid form so that drops could be placed in the baby’s mouth. Within two weeks, the doctors confirmed that the tricuspid had righted itself – something they said was inexplicable (they didn’t know that VF treatment had been given) and that it could only be a natural remission. The treatment could hardly be described as placebo since the baby didn’t know she was being treated.

            So while the placebo effect is a valid concept, we mustn’t let it detract from the fact that VF treatments are successful because they actually do what is intended – influence the body’s natural healing processes.


VibroFusion is ideally suited to 21st Century as the treatment of choice for the following reasons:

·                      It brings energy medicine into the 21st Century for the first time

·                      It is easier to take than homeopathy, and more versatile

·                      It has a far wider range of application than any other form of treatment

·                      Has absolutely no side-effects

·                      Can be taken at any time, anywhere

·                      Works faster and more effectively than almost any other form of treatment

·                      Will never affect other medications, nor be affected itself

·                      Will last indefinitely













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