Cookie Policy - 1 October 2013

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For more information

Cookie Central is dedicated to answering questions about cookies.

There's a great article concerning cookies on Marshall Brain's "How Stuff Works". It goes even deeper into the cookie stuff

The World Wide Web Consortium has an excellent FAQ to answer the majority of Internet and Web-related questions. You can read their topic: "Do 'Cookies' Pose any Security Risks?"

In addition, there are an abundance of resources on the Internet that can help you find answers to your cookie questions. Conveniently, Yahoo has a great listing of them.


Privacy Policy - 1 November 2019

This is the Privacy Policy for If you require details about this policy or have other requests please contact us through the contact us link.



Your screen name is visible to anybody browsing through the site and you may use your own name or a made-up name. You cannot use a name that is obscene, racist or may cause offence, nor can you use a name that knowingly or not belongs to someone else. It is your responsibility to use an acceptable screen name.



We use cookies to hold login information and to enhance the user experience. They are not used for information not pertaining to this site or its offshoots. We have information about cookies at the top of this page and this should be read to keep yourself informed about their use.

Your direct email address is not given out to other parties without your express permission. We may, however, use it ourselves or through an associated company to send you information about upcoming changes to the site; changes to your login information; membership renewal, other information or credit card reminders.

Although we have security to protect our databases and all the information they contain, it is up to each user and member to protect their personal information and not pass it on to any other person.

In the event that changes ownership all details about you and all the information on this site or in our databases or in any other media will be passed through to the new owners.

More complete information about this site is in our Terms & Conditions.



Advertising is dealt with in-house but that does not preclude the option of giving this to a third party and giving current and past advertising data to a third party.



If you wish to report any abuse, behaviour or content you think is inappropriate please send us an email about the abuse and location on the web site, through the Report Abuse link at the foot of all pages.



You can have all your profile and registration details deselected from by going to the footer and clicking the REMOVE MY ACCOUNT. Be aware that anyone who has your password and access to your account and email account may be able to effect this deactivation - protect your password. Once your account is deactivated it may not be automatically reactivated.


Non-Renewal of Membership

If your account is not renewed after expiration ait will become inactive. Inactive accounts may or may not show any of the content previously entered into the site.