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True Life Stories that you may never have told anyone about!

It is often the case that when we read the true life stories of other people we think they have had the most amazing life! The fact is, nearly everybody could write a true life story that would be just as amazing.

If you don’t think this is true think back over your own life and you will come up with events that took place perhaps years ago, many will be distant memories but it’s surprising what comes to mind when you really think about it. There are true life stories that happened that you wouldn’t have thought about for years, but when you trawl through your memory bank all sorts of forgotten memories will re-appear.

There are true funny life stories as well as true personal life stories and probably some sad life stories you would like to forget. Whatever the case, don’t think that you have no incredible life stories to tell, it’s just reminding yourself of these true life stories and deciding whether or not you want to write about them. Writing these real life stories is also a way of meeting new people and making new friends.

The idea behind this is that these personal stories act as your memory bank and you can look back at them in years to come and remember many of the things that have happened during your lifetime. Writing ideas and events down on the page has a way of bringing up long-forgotten memories; many will surprise you.

Go to the Home button at the top of this page and read other stories; some may inspire you while others may resonate with your own experiences. Whatever the case, they make for some great reading and you may end up making some new friends online