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Friends Online, the new way to meet people and make friends

Meeting friends online seems so easy; just see a posting by a promising prospect and make contact. But who are the people advertising online? Are they out for a quick sexual conquest? Serious about forming a long-term relationship? Genuine and honest? Do they really want to make friends online?

Many people do certainly find and form great partnerships and make friends online, but at the same time there are also very many who do not and walk away, frustrated by their inability to connect with the right people.

Meeting people and making friends is not easy for most people; however, if you could get to know someone before you meet by reading their life story, or part of it then decision making can be made a lot less demanding, less intimidating and less likely to end in frustration. Reading others real life stories can instil confidence and possibly make a connection about the person or people.

You might not want to meet another person but would like to correspond or exchange views on subjects in which you share an interest. Meeting people this way is easy at mybestfive; you can find a topic that interests you and read other stories by people like you. You can comment, write, or chat, openly or in private, it’s up to you. Even when you write about your own personal stories and make friends online you are always in control at mybestfive as well as being anonymous – until you wish to tell others who you are. You can open photo galleries for friends and family; start a private room where only invited guests can enter or be entirely open about yourself. It is up to you.

The most important aspect of meeting people online after reading or writing your own true life stories, is to feel secure and to proceed at your own pace. You can write about yourself; tell the world about your own amazing life stories; write as little or as much as you wish, when you wish. It is always up to you. Click the Home button at the top of this page to see and read other stories.