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Mike's Sex and MyBestFive

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One of the aspects that I have though quite a lot about on a site like MyBestFive is how to deal with sex and the impact it has had on my life.

If you are going to write about your life, or parts of it, do you exclude anything that deals with your sex life? In most men’s life sex has been a large part of that life. Would anybody be interested anyway in reading about it? Would I be embarrassed to give any details even though they might not be specific? I would be revealing the most intimate parts of my thought process so it is a big deal.

If I had come across the site and put an anonymous profile online then I would be free to put down whatever I felt like writing about, but in this case I designed the site and wrote the copy so anonymous I’m not!

Why the angst? I have 3 married daughters and many grandchildren. They know about the site and at some point I hope they will write stuff about themselves. Would they be happy reading about my sexual exploits, such as they are or were, with their mothers, their grandmothers or my partner? I don’t think so.

In the 1970s I published hundreds of issues of sex magazines. I estimated, roughly, that I took over 30,000 photographs and made a dozen videos and wrote hundreds of articles during an eight-year period. I saw and was involved in a lot of stuff during that time. I have no idea whether or not any of my family knows anything about this. It’s not something I ever hid from my children; it’s just a part of my past and never comes up in discussion.

On the other hand, sex has had a major impact on my life in both mind and body. I was never a lecherous person always trying to make out with some girl or woman. Also, I was quite useless at picking up women but as a young man I was fairly attractive so things just used to come about. Over the years I have thought about situations and at times it used to hit me that a girl had made a pass at me – sometimes, but not always, I only realized this months or even years later. I think I missed more opportunities than I actually made out. That strikes me as incredible!

I was going to write this as a blog but think I’ll put it out of the way on some obscure page where nobody will read it. It may be cowardly but I don’t know how to handle this one.

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