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Life Stories to enjoy, inform and inspire

We all have life stories to tell; some more dramatic than others. Perhaps you fought in Iraq or Vietnam – the life stories you would have witnessed, these will provoke memories and interest in other veterans, as well as ordinary folk. These stories can also be forgotten; perhaps not forgotten but memory plays tricks on us and we can forget the details, if not the substance. Click the link to read other life stories.

A major feature of this site is that you can record your real life stories, for yourself, your family and friends and as a record of things you have seen during your life. The very act of writing stories about your life will bring back memories you had forgotten, you will be amazed at the memories as these true life stories reappear in your consciousness, long forgotten facts start to come into your mind, they triggering other long forgotten events.

You might want to make a record for your children, family members or others to read whenever they want to remind themselves about the things you have done and along the way you may connect with new online friends. My own father died over 30 years ago and I never knew the details of his early life – something I miss and regret now. Decades later, he remains something of a stranger to me; it’s now too late to change and this remains a great sadness in my life.

Read other people’s personal stories; by being in the same category you will come across kindred spirits. You can contact others: online; by email; through chat or groups or in your own private areas. The choice is yours. You are anonymous to others yet available to those you choose to let in. Categorize happy life stories or even unhappy stories into compartments and allow only those people to see certain parts of your life.

It makes for fascinating choices! Click the Home link at the top of this page to read other life stories and perhaps meet people and even make new friends. it may change your life forever!