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Make Friends and Meet people from all around the Globe!

You may be one of those lucky people who make friends easily! Most of us, however, have a less easy time making friends online. I am not talking about acquaintances, people you talk to only once in a while, but real friends. It can be difficult to meet people and make friends because it’s only when you get to know someone that you start to find the real person inside.

That’s why this site is the place to making online friends with others who share the same or similar interests to you. By looking through the various interests and reading the life stories of other readers you can get real insight into people before you make friends with them. How you make friends online with someone is usually through shared interests. It might be that you become golf buddies, share an interest with the same football team or perhaps visited the same holiday resorts or your children go to the same school. The true life stories of other people from all around the world is a wonderful way to meet and make friends online.

Women in particular like to know a person’s background before they make friends, and this is the perfect place to see how a prospective partner or friend lives now and has lived in the past. Read their real life story before making contact; get a feeling for the person and feel you almost know them before you even talk, exchange messages or make contact.

You are anonymous unless you wish to reveal privately who you are. Make friends and start a group or join other groups, it’s entirely up to you. Add comments to other stories, engage as little or as often as you want, you are in control. Always.

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