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Personal Stories you might want to share with others

Do you have personal stories to tell? Of course you do. We all have. The real question is this - Do you want to write about those stories or are they too personal? Do you want others to read your personal stories and make friends online?

Are these real life stories so personal that you want them hidden, never to be seen or known by anyone else? Then keep them secret, they are your personal story and how much you want the world to know is for you to decide. On the other hand there are probably many life stories about yourself, about events of your life that you would like people to know and perhaps make friends with lots of new people who share interests similar to your own.

It can often be difficult to write about yourself, expose your feelings and thoughts to strangers or sometimes even more so to those close to you. Can you write about those things that are secret to you, that no one else knows took place? Our thoughts are our own, private, and to reveal these can be more than we wish to do.

And yet, it can be cathartic to write things down, some almost forgotten, deliberately. What about everyday life stories, happy personal stories or maybe funny stories? What about other things: cars you have owned; weddings and divorces; places you have visited; extraordinary things you have seen?

Our lives are full of these thoughts, many almost obliterated from the mind until something connects us to these forgotten happenings. It can be liberating to write about personal stories and as you write you will remember other things that happened years ago. In years to come you may have completely forgotten about these things so writing a record now is for the future. You will be able to read and reread these true life stories and say "Did I really do all that?"

Write from the heart, with truth; you are anonymous to everyone until or unless you want to reveal yourself to just those you feel safe and secure with. You can write things down but keep them hidden until you want to publish. Click the Home button at the very top of this page and read other stories, written by people just like you! You can meet people or tick "no contact" and your name and details will not appear in any search option made by others.