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Real Life Stories that may shock and amaze you!

Do you sometimes look back over your life, trying to remember some of the real life stories that happened, perhaps years or even decades ago? If it’s something that took place many, many years ago then the memory might be hazy, you remember the event but not the details. When you read other peoples' real life stories it can bring you into contact with new friends online. It can be a refreshing and new way to meet people and make friends.

There are life stories of all kinds, happy stories, sad stories, some stories that started but never completed. Then there are the true life stories, about events that had an effect on your life and with memories that have stayed with you.

Some personal stories are what you might call non-events, something that nearly happened but did not take place. I had one (see near-misses) so close to a life-changing event that could have turned me into a mass killer to something that did not happen at all! You have probably witnessed similar things and it is only when you stop and think, go back over your life, that you are startled by some real life stories, long-forgotten but as you recall old events one suddenly looms large into your consciousness.

That sounds very dramatic and it’s meant to be! You would be surprised at how many strange but true there are in real life stories. The question is whether or not you want to record these events: for yourself; your family; your friends or just because you would like to meet, or talk, to other people who have had similar experiences. Perhaps you have visited the same exotic places or share an absorbing hobby.

At you are anonymous and always in control; write now and publish later if you wish when you feel the time is appropriate. It is always up to you.

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